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Materials display for personal enhancement

A good friend saw a magazine story about a jewelry designer who displayed her raw materials on a huge board so that she could see at a glance what was available for her creativity. My friend decided that she could do the same with her costume jewelry collection so that she could easily choose appropriate accessories as she dressed for work or play. She made this jewelry board and mounted it in her clothes closet. Here is how she described her process: I used a 24x36" oak framed bulletin board from Staples, under $30cut a remnant from 'Warm and Natural' quilt batting to cover the front inside the frame and tacked it down in a few spots around edge with a staple gun ( a rectangle from leftover black satin that was about 6 inches bigger than the board.  Covered the batting with the fabric and stapled the fabric to the backside of the board. (Satin may not hold up to multiple pinholes; directions I've seen online for this type of t…