Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Carrot mug rug

This jaunty carrot, mug rug measures 4.5-inches wide by 9.5-inches long. Make a set of two little rugs with one 10-inch square of backing fabric, a 10-inch square of batting, fourteen 10 x 1.25 inch scraps of orange fabrics, and a half yard of green ribbon. I was inspired to make these rugs by a quilt-as-you-go, carrot-shaped, table runner from Better Homes and Gardens. Their free pattern is available at quilt-as-you-go Carrot Table Runner.

The directions for creating my little carrot mug rugs are below.

Materials for one set of two carrot mug rugs:
One 10-inch square orange print fabric for backing
Seven 1-1/4” strips of orange prints and solids 22 inches long (or fourteen orange scrap strips 1-1/4 inch wide by 10.5 inches long) *
One yard (two 18-inch pieces) 1-inch or 1.5-inch wide, light green ribbon (chiffon or grosgrain)
Costume jewelry pin, or small pin to attach ribbon to carrot
10-inch square iron-on batting
Thread to coordinate with backing square
Paper to make one carrot pattern

* Eight 1.25-inch-wide pieces of orange fabric cut the width of the bolt (aprox. 42-inches) will make two sets of two mug rugs each set; 1/8 yard of eight fabrics will make eight sets of two mug rugs in each set.

Note: I used a quarter-inch foot to sew my seams, which makes sewing these strips evenly a little easier.

Iron the 10-inch square piece of iron-on batting to the wrong side of your 10-inch backing square.
Place one 10.5-inch long strip right-side-up on top of batting in center of square.

Put one coordinating strip wrong-side-up (right sides together) on top of first strip.
Pin and stitch through all layers using a 1/4 inch seam allowance along one edge of strips. 
Finger press strips open, and press with iron from backing side of square.

Place another strip wrong side up (or right sides together) along edge of pressed open strip. Stitch through all layers using 1/4-inch seam allowance along edge of both strips. Finger press open, and press with iron from backing side.
Continue adding strips to both sides of original strips until entire 10-inch square is covered. (Photo above shows square almost complete.)

Fold 5 x 10-inch piece of paper in half and round top to create carrot shape as shown above. Round bottom edges slightly.

Place carrot pattern on one side of pieced square either with pieced strips vertical or horizontal. 
Cut out.

Position pattern on remaining material and cut out. You now have a set of two carrot shapes. With a zig-zag or other decorative stitch, sew around edges of carrot. Trim close to stitching, if desired.

Tie ribbon in one-loop bow (Tie as if for a bow, but only make one loop instead of two.) Pin or stitch to top of carrot. You can use a small piece of costume jewelry to pin your carrot top to carrot, or purchase small pins at a jewelry supply store. Pin from front if using jewelry. Pin from rear if using non-decorative pin. (Remove bow to launder mug rug.)