Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yes, Virginia!

I got this wonderful holiday message from my friend, Virginia in Iowa: 

Thank you for the Gorgeous felt Corsage!  I think it will Rejuvenate my Aura! - Which, by the way, desperately Needed rejuvenation.  I look forward to the opportunity to dress up and wear it.  You are Way too sweet!

And the Pepper Streak
* sounds Yummy.  I think I have fixed a similar dish - don't remember what we called it, but it was tasty. Thanks for the reminder.

Funny thing about crock-pots.  There was a chili cook-off at church toward the end of October. I was not going to take chili  - just corn sticks. But about noon, I decided to make a batch. My chili is nothing to brag about, but I felt obligated to participate. I made it on the stove, but transferred it to the crock-pot to take to church and to keep it hot through the evening. Went early to plug in the pot and get it good and hot again. There were no outlets at the serving table, so a neighbor took it into the kitchen to plug in.  We sat, chatted, waited for the hungry hoards.  Then the young woman in charge was getting things on the serving table. She carried in my crock-pot. The handle broke off.  Everything went flying - like a slow-motion train wreck. Fortunately it was in the kitchen, not on the fellowship hall carpet. A delay while I got the mop and cleaned it up; others wiped down the walls etc. A clever friend looked to see if it was fix-able. It wasn't. My corn sticks were very well received.

So Target has crock-pots for $14? Was that a special? Maybe I'll go see about a replacement. The dead one was over 20 years old. It deserved to go out with a Bang!

I was just watching Moonstruck while making little folded paper boxes - to put gold dollars in for stockings. I love making those boxes. I have the size exactly right for the gold dollars and have made a templet so I get the part of the picture that I want on top. So cool.

Kathleen has another craft show tomorrow for her
counting monsters and baby blankets. She is quite the 'Toy Maker' these days.

It has Warmed Up to about 20 degrees here. The snow we have will probably be around 'til April. The other morning I found Drifts in my computer room! The south door had blown open and I could not close it.  there was a 2 foot drift pushing the door open and there was ice and packed snow around the hinges. I was afraid at first that those hinges were sprung or whatever when I could not close the door, but I chipped away the ice and snow and was very relieved when the door actually Latched shut. Couldn't Sweep out the snow due to the drift. So I got the shop-vac to get it up. It was EVERYWHERE!!!

Simply being snowed-in has been a pleasant relief after that.

Thank you again for the purple flowers! I will wear them with Pride!!

Much love  to ALL
And Many Christmas Blessings!!!

* Pepper Steak recipe (adapted from a crock-pot recipe from Better Homes & Gardens): 
Get a hunk of round – about 1-1/2 pounds, or so – salt and pepper the meat and brown it in olive oil in the pot. Mix a pint of diced, stewed tomatoes with a six-ounce can of Contadina Italian style tomato paste, and a tablespoon or so of Worchestershire sauce. Dump that over the meat in the pot and add two cups of red, yellow, and green pepper strips. (You can buy these frozen in a bag if you want to be quick; I tried them and they were good.) I added a little water, maybe a quarter cup, then just simmered, covered for four or five hours or so. Pull the beef into chunks and serve over any kind of pasta with shaved Romano cheese. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but boy was it delicious. (P.S. I almost forgot -- add a big ol' chopped onion with the pepper strips.)