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Emergency Kit for your Purse

I had pinned this cute clutchfrom blogger Eighteen25 to my Pinterest craft board because I just loved the fabrics and the idea of sewing with snack baggies.  Last weekend I ran across the same Target potholder (lonely and alone on clearance for $1.59) and I knew I had to try it for myself!
The directions at Eighteen25 are very good and I followed them step by step.  My clutch only has 8 sections, instead of ten.  I should have loosened the tension on my machine quite a bit, but (to my amazement) you can sew baggies to fabric and end up with a quite sturdy result.  
Sew the baggies in, add a button and loop and you are ready to fill it!
This one has the usual bandaids, aspirin, stamps, floss, eyeglass cleaner and a few other 'emergency' supplies in it.  

A small notebook and pen and a travel-pack of wipes reside in the front & back pockets.  A small pack of crayons would also be a great addition.

It also contains another great find from bloggerMade by Joel - a set of tiny Paris…