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Microwave bowl mitts

Microwave mitts made with "Garden Project" fabric designed by Tim & Beck for Moda
I learned how to make these bowl-shaped potholders at the American Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan this September. The potholders are meant to be used with bowls inside the microwave to keep diners from burning their hands on crockery filled with hot liquids. The microwave mitt is made entirely of cotton materials because polyester might melt in the microwave. I think it would also work well to cook a potato in the microwave. If packaged with a covered soup bowl and dry soup-mix, this mitt would make a thoughtful holiday gift.

Please read and print the WARNING at bottom of this post. If used as gifts, include a copy of the warning with each gift.


2 10-inch squares of 100% cotton fabric in coordinating colors (I used "Garden Project" layer-cake precuts by Tim & Beck for Moda.)2 10-inch squares of Pellon Wrap-n-Zap Tator batting (or other 100% cotton batting)100% cotton thre…

Ann Arbor quilters donate 347 quilts to Safehouse in 2015

Safehouse quilts
When victims of domestic violence arrive at Safehouse Center in Ann Arbor, a handmade quilt covers each bed; and when they depart, their quilt goes with them.

Yesterday at the Nov. 21 meeting of the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild , Safehouse director Barbara Niess-May thanked guild members for the 347 quilts donated to Safehouse in 2015. Niess-May also accepted a check from the guild for $3324 in support of the work at Safehouse.

"I am blown away by the thoughtfulness, love, and compassion that have gone into making these quilts," Niess-May said. "Your quilts are part of something bigger -- it's because of all the things we do along the way that allow people to believe things can be better. You are part of that -- your quilt is the first message we get to send that says 'We care.' I can't thank you enough."

When fiber artist Pat Pauly of Rochester, New York took the stage to deliver her lecture on "Traditional Meets Contemporary&quo…