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Crescent-shaped, yoga pillow

Note: Use upholstery-weight fabric, heavy cotton duckcloth or denim, OR two layers of lighter cotton, OR lightweight fabric reinforced with iron-on interfacing. Use a number 16 heavy-weight needle in sewing machine. Fabric 19 x 22-inches to cut two identical pattern pieces for the pillow top and bottom.Fabric (identical, or to coordinate with the pillow top/bottom fabric) 8 x 70-inches for pillow gusset7.5-inches 5/8-inch wide fusible hook and loop tape for closure8 inches woven belting for handle or make strap from 4x8-inch scrap of fabric reinforced with fusible interfacing (Fold fabric longways, press, fold edges to center, press. You will have a folded strip of fabric 1x8-inches. Unfold. Cut interfacing 2 x 8-inches long and fuse to center of fabric. Fold-in edges, fold down center and press. Topstitch 1/4 -inch from both edges to form handle.)4 pounds buckwheat hulls OR 16-oz bag Morning Glory Cluster Stuff fiber to stuff pillowDirections

Cut TWO, bean-shaped, pillow-top/b…