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Quilt Board

With Mother's Day coming I thought that a Fabric Board would be a great gift for the craft room that my Mom has been setting up.  I have wanted one of these...for my many quilting projects...since I saw my friend Alisande's jumbo size one about 10 years ago!   
The design board post at Oh, Fransson! was a great help.  I borrowed her idea of using quilt batting instead of flannel, but after skulking around the lumber section of Lowe's on my lunch hour I decided that I wasn't crazy about the foam insulation board as a base.  I headed over to Jo-ann to pick up the batting without a firm plan and found a 36" x 36" stretched canvas on sale and decided to use that.  I think it will be easier to hang and will be sturdier over the long run.
Here's how I made mine...
Mountain Mist Cream Rose 100% Cotton Needled Batting - crib size 45" x 60" $9 at Jo-ann after 40% off coupon.Gallery Stretched Canvas - 36" x 36" on sale at Jo-ann for $36…