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Phone pouch

I attended the American Sewing Expo, Inc. in Novi last month and one of the take-away projects was a very cute cell-phone pouch that uses a clever construction method that I found interesting. I’ve made several of the pouches for relatives and decided to make a few for holiday gifts for friends. The project was made at the Janome overlock site at the expo, but I have been unable to find the pattern online, so I have introduced my own ammendments, rewritten the instructions and taken photos of my own process for this post.
Since I’m going to make many pouches, the first thing I decided to do is make-up a kit for each pouch. Here are the contents of each kit. (Note: I will add more photos, but I decided to put up the directions with incomplete photos for now. LT)
Each kit includes:
Materials Five (or six) pieces of fabric each 4.5 x 9 inches:One pouch front (or two pieces to make two-tone front using back fabric, or another coordinate or contrast fabricOne pouch back (trimmed to 8 inches lo…