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Paper Easter Bunnies

These paper bunnies were inspired by these adorable felt bunnies from Crate & Barrel.  
The Crate bunnies have great texture, but I wanted something with pattern so I started with printed scrapbook paper that I cut down to 8.5" x 11" to fit into my printer.  You could also use colored card stock and skip pasting two printed sides together.
How To:
Print this template on the wrong side of the printed paper.  Try printing at 50% or 75% to make different size bunnies.Cut out the two shapes.
Use a glue stick to paste wrong sides together onto the other half of the scrapbook paper.Cut the shapes out again using the original as a guide.Cut a slit in each shape as shown.  Widen the slits as necessary to accommodate the thickness of your paper.
Slide the bunny base (with the tail) down over the body (with the ears) so the bunny stands on its own. If necessary, trim the bases to stand straight.
Arrange & enjoy!