Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pyramid pouch

My daughter saw this cute pyramid pouch in a store and liked it, so when I saw a pyramid bag mentioned on the Craftster site I wanted to try to make one for her.

Directions were also available as Teepee bag from Marie's Sewing Center online.

I tried making the bag several different ways in several sizes and decided I didn't like making the bag any smaller than 6.5 inches on a side when finished. That size is made with a 7.5 x 15-inch piece of cotton and uses a 7-inch zipper.

After following directions for making the basic bag, I made a lining by sewing a second pyramid with coordinating fabric, didn't install the zipper, and inserted the lining separately by hand with a running stitch along the zipper tape.

Installing a lining was fast and easy and made the pouch both sturdier and prettier.

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