Monday, April 5, 2010

Gwen Frostic, April 1, 2010

Artist and poet Gwen Frostic (1906-2001) lived and worked in Benzonia, Michigan, not far from the great lake. She said:
A tree each year, at the end of all the twigs, will form new buds. The limbs will grow a little longer and the tips of the branches will remain forever young. The same way with you. With each day, you reach a little further, each day you learn something new, the tops of your mind will remain forever young -- no matter how many years you count on your birthday. Quoted from The Life & Wisdom of Gwen Frostic by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Sheryl James (Sleeping Bear Press, 1999)
I stopped by her studio on April 1.

Her shop is closed.

But her spirit haunts the site.

And the branches remain forever young.


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