Sunday, December 12, 2010

Felt cup-cozy with gift-card pocket

Alisa gave me the most wonderful gift this holiday season -- a how-to for Appleton Dance!

Felt Cup Cozy by Alisa

Go to your favorite coffee shop and pickup your favorite drink and a cardboard cup holder. You'll need the cup holder for a template and you'll want refreshment during the project : ) Starbucks sells small-size giftcards that make a nice addition to the cozy if you are making it as a gift.
Step 1
Pick two colors of felt and lay them out wrong sides together. I used craft felt that was 50% post-consumer plastics, but wool felt would be wonderful. Using cardboard cup holder as a template, outline the shape on the felt.

Step 2
Pin felt to keep it from shifting and sew around inside of outline. I like zigzag, but any stitch would work.
Cut felt along outline using straight or pinking shears. Add any additional 'quilting' or stitching.

Step 3
Use your drink as a guide and pin felt cozy together.

Step 4 (optional) 
If you are going to make a pocket for a gift card, mark lines on center of pinned cozy. Unpin loop and stitch thru both layers.  Carefully cut single layer of felt to open pocket. Repin cozy in the correct size loop.

Step 5
Use velcro, snaps (or ribbon ties) to close the cozy. I used fabric glue because I'm a minimalist : )


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