Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ben builds Cluckingham Palace

As the summer of 2011 waned, Ben began to build a winter home for the chix that had spent warm months growing  in the garage. By the end of August, he had a good start on Cluckingham Palace, as Jen named the chix crib. (Photos by AJT and BLT)

Right side

Left side

Door added

Interior with added run-side entry

Exterior of run-side entry

Exterior with insulated nest boxes and vent window above

Painted interior showing vent window

Exterior closeup of nest boxes and vent window

After clearing brush, and putting up a new fence, by September 19, Ben had the painted coop up on his site.
The run was completed by October 19 and by November 6, Jake was an old hand wrangling chickens in the hen house.
Nice job, Ben.

Sweet dreams, chix.

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