Tuesday, July 26, 2016

50-cent garage sale find -- twenty years in to-do pile

Printed fabric from "Angel" dolls Craft Pack by Daisy Kingdom Inc. Portland OR, copyright 1996
I picked up this "Creative Stitch & Stuff Craft Pack" for 50-cents at the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild annual garage sale on July 16. According to the cardstock cover, the kit for "4 Angel Garland Dolls" was created by Daisy Kingdom Inc. of Portland, Oregon in 1996. 

Printed cover for Creative Stitch & Stuff Craft Pack -- "Angel Garland Dolls"
by Daisy Kingdom Inc. Portland OR 97209, Copyright 1996. Kit includes "4 Angel Dolls".
Purchased for 50-cents at GAAQG annual garage sale, July 16, 2016.
Printed doll-body fabric from "Angel" dolls Craft Pack by Daisy Kingdom Inc. Portland OR, copyright 1996
The kit includes a cotton muslin panel printed with doll bodies and doll clothes for four "angel" dolls.  Complete written and graphic directions for creating the dolls are included in both French and English.

Printed instructions (in French and English) from "Angel Dolls Craft Pack",
Copyright 1996 Daisy Kingdom Inc. Portland OR 97209
An article in the Portland Business Journal reported that Daisy Kingdom was sold to Springs Industries, Inc. in bankruptcy proceedings the year this kit was manufactured. Daisy Kingdom was well known for it's cloyingly cute creatures such as Ballerina Bunny whose fabric panel kits are currently selling for $20-30 on eBay. 

I sent my angel-doll kit off to my sister-in-law, Susan, who has a penchant for angels. I wonder if the Daisy Kingdom angels will languish for another twenty years in her to-do pile.

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Kathy said...

Some items seem to need more time to 'mature' than others before they are ready to meet the world!