Saturday, January 12, 2019

Project Linus Quilt

by Alisa

In the Fall of 2018 ADP held a volunteer blanket-making drive to benefit Project Linus.  

I wanted to participate, so I pulled out a  
 Moda Grunge Seeing Stars by Basicgrey layer cake I had originally purchased from Missouri Star Quilt to make a '54-40 or Fight' quilt. For the Project Linus quilt I wanted a simpler design because my goal was to piece and quilt it myself so I used the Emerald Isle tutorial from MSQC as a guide.

I started by selecting 15 of the patterned squares and 15 white squares from my layer cakes and began making the 'easy 8' half-square triangles one color at a time. You can make many different designs with the resulting half-square triangles. I decided to make diamond shapes and sewed together the 8 smaller squares into two 9" blocks.

It didn't take long to have 30 blocks compete and ready to assemble.

I arranged the blocks into six rows of five blocks each, sewed them into rows and then connected the rows into the quilt top. The top was about 45" x 54" at this point and I wanted to keep it fairly small and portable for a child so I added a simple 2" white border.

I sandwiched the quilt using poly-fuse batting and the backing; installed my new walking foot on my machine and started quilting.

And then I stopped. And consulted the expert. And received diagnosis of thread tension problems. And turned the quilt over to the expert to complete.

My mom zipped thru the simple machine quilting and then finished the quilt with hand-sewn binding in the same fabric as the back and a sweet little heart tag.

In the end our Project Linus quilt was better for being a team effort and we were so happy to send it off for delivery to the Project Linus branch in Alpharetta, GA. Across the company, over 100 blankets were quilted, crocheted and tied for the cause.

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