Friday, May 30, 2008

Mexican coin purse

This project was inspired by a coin purse fashioned from a cardboard juice box that my friend Robin brought back from Merida this spring (above). It will also hold business cards, credit cards and/or gift cards.

One 12-1/4 by 7.5-inch piece of lightweight top fabric, such as a cotton print
One 12-1/4 by 7.5-inch piece of lightweight inside fabric (or two pieces of the same fabric, if desired)
One 12-1/4 by 7.5-inch piece of fusable web (such as Heat & Bond Lite iron-on adhesive)
Cut a pattern as indicated in the diagram below.

1. With iron, fuse web to wrong side of top fabric. Peel off paper. Place inside fabric, wrong side down, on top fabric. Fuse. Place pattern on fused fabric. Outline pattern on fused fabric with pencil or chalk. Cut out along marked outline.

2. Top stitch, zig-zag, or decorative stitch, around entire perimeter of fabric.
3. Crease each side flap from top to bottom; press, and topstitch along crease.

4. Using a ruler and X-acto knife, cut a horizontal slit 3/4-inch from the bottom of the center portion of the fabric to within 1/8-inch of the vertical stitching on either side of the center panel. Zig-zag or buttonhole stitch opening. (Alternately, stitch buttonhole type stitching first, then slit the opening with a razor or X-acto knife.)

5. Lap longer wing 1/4-inch over the other, pin, and zig-zag to form a tube of fabric. Be careful not to catch the other side of the purse in the stitching.

6. Fold 3/4-inch pleats on both sides of tube. Press flat.

7. Fold the bottom to meet the top of the purse, directly beneath the flap closure. Press.

8. Stitch along fold through all layers -- stitch two or three times to secure.

9. Pin center sections together to form pockets.

10. Zig-zag stitch center section together to secure.

11. Tuck flap into slit to close purse. Alternately, apply velcro fasteners, snaps, buttons, ribbons or any closure method of your choice.

You can also use this pattern to make the purse out of cardstock or heavy paper. Follow the directions using packing tape instead of stitching to form tube and to secure the pockets.

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