Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday handbag

I got the idea for this cute holiday handbag from a pattern called The Essential Bag by The Country Quilter. I made some adjustments to the materials and the construction method and made several for holiday gifts.

outside fabric (print) 7.25 x 16 inches
lining fabric (print or geometric) 7.25 x 18 inches
decorative flap 5-3/8 inch square (solid or geometric), cut on the diagonal
optional: sew light interfacing to wrong side of 7.25 x16 inch fabric piece
18-50 inches coordinating cording for handle
7-inch zipper to coordinate with fabric
thread to match fabric
beads and findings for zipper pull and trim (if desired)

Use 3/8-inch seams throughout. RST means sew with right sides together.
1. Stitch triangle pieces RST along two short sides of triangle. Clip points, turn and press. Embellish with beads if desired.
2. Insert raw edges of triangle between rights sides of one of the short ends of outside fabric and lining fabric.
3. Stitch short ends of outside to lining RST. Turn and press, with 3/8-inch of lining showing on outside.
4. Fold bag with 2-inch flap to make an 8x7-inch rectangle.
5. Using sipper foot insert zipper into bag opening. Turn bag inside out. 
6. Cut cording into desired length for handles. Insert cording ends into top of side seams. Coil cording between right sides of bag to keep out of way of stitching.
7. Stitch one side seam of bag.
8. Unzip zipper so that you can turn the bag when second seam is sewed. Stitch second side seam. Zig-zag stitch the seam allowances of both seams to finish.
9. Turn the bag through the open zipper. Press.
10. Using a head-pin, fashion a jewelled zipper pull for zipper.
Here's a finished bag made with a lining of the same fabric as the outside of the bag.

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